Previous Years' Finalists and Winners of the New England Readers' Choice/Beanpot Contest

2016 New England Readers’ Choice Awards Finalists and Winners:

First Place (tie): Lauren Smith, The Gilded Cage and Lauren Smith, The Gilded Cuff
Second Place: V. L. Locey, Clean Sweep
Third Place (tie): **Christina James, Desire Me and Renea Mason, Curing Doctor Vincent

Short Contemporary
First Place: Tanya Michaels, Falling for the Sheriff
Second Place: Heidi Hormel, The Surgeon and the Cowgirl
Third Place: Kathy Lyons, The Player Next Door

First Book
First Place: Katrina Snow, Forbidden
Second Place: Joanna Shupe, The Courtesan Duchess
Third Place (tie): Brooke Newton, Letting Myself Go and Nancy Raven Smith, Land Sharks: A Swindle In Sumatra

Long Contemporary
First Place: Nancy Herkness, The CEO Buys In
Second Place: **Cathryn Parry, The Secret Garden
Third Place (tie): Lauren Gallagher, The Saint’s Wife and Holly Jacobs, Carry Her Heart

Romantic Suspense
First Place: Leslie Jones, Night Hush
Second Place: Marta Perry, Where Secrets Sleep
Third Place: Cate Beauman, Reagan’s Redemption

First Place: Crista McHugh, Tell Me True
Second Place: Tanya Michaels, New Year’s Resolution: Just a Fling
Third place (tie): Karen Rock, Winter Wedding Bells: The Kiss and Marie Tuhart, Red Club Temptation

First Place: Joanna Shupe, The Lady Hellion
Second Place: Meg Hennessy, A Pirate’s Command
Third Place (tie): Anna Campbell, A Scoundrel by Moonlight and LR Olson, A Dangerous Temptation

First Place: Angela Quarles, Must Love Chainmail
Second Place: Allie Marie, Teardrops of the Innocent: The White Diamond Story
Third Place (tie): Angela Quarles, Steam Me Up, Rawley and Katrina Snow, Forbidden

2015 New England Readers’ Choice Awards Finalists and Winners:

First Place: Kate Baum, Funny Girl
Second Place: Mia Gabriel, Lord Savage
Third Place (tie): Anna Jeffrey, The Cattleman and Teresa Noelle Roberts, Out of Control

First Place: Lauren Smith, Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall
Second Place: Stephanie Feagan, Crazy for You
Third Place: Lisa Belcastro, Shenandoah Dreams

First Book
First Place: Patience Griffin, To Scotland with Love
Second Place: Janie Crouch, Primal Instinct
Third Place: Maria Imbalzano, Unchained Memories

Romantic Suspense
First Place: Toni Anderson, A Cold Dark Place
Second Place: Tiffany Snow, In His Shadow
Third Place: Dana Marton, Forced Disappearance

Short Contemporary
First Place: Emily Harper, My Sort-of, Kind-of Love
Second Place (tie): Jean Joachim, To Love or Not to Love and Amanda Renee, Blame it on the Rodeo
Third Place: Leigh Duncan, Second Chance Family

Long Contemporary
First Place: Kim Sanders, The Ex-Lottery
Second Place (tie): Terri Osburn, More to Give and Nancy Herkness, The Place I Belong
Third Place (tie): Patience Griffin, To Scotland with Love and Sophie Moss, The Wind Chime Cafe

First Place: Darlene Marshall, The Pirate’s Secret Baby
Second Place (tie): Isabella Bradford, A Wicked Pursuit and Megan Frampton, The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior
Third Place: Lauren Smith, Wicked Designs

2014 Bean Pot Finalists and Winners:

First Place: Bev Pettersen, Studs and Stilettos
Second Place: Elle Saint James, Unbridled Temptation
Third Place: Siri Caldwell, Earth Angel

Romantic Suspense:
First Place: Laura Kaye, Hard as It Gets
Second Place: Colette Ballard, Running on Empty
Third Place: Robin Perini, Behind the Lies

First Place: Jeanne Lin, The Lotus Palace
Second Place: Caroline Linden, Love & Other Scandals
Third Place: Margaret Mallory, The Chieftain

Futuristic, Fantasy, Paranormal & Time Travel:

First Place: Lisa Belcastro, Shenandoah Nights
Second Place: Lisa Belcastro, Shenandoah Crossings
Third Place: Anthea Sharp, Spark (Feyguard Book 1)

2013 Bean Pot Finalists and Winners:

First Place: Radclyffe, Crossroads
Second Place: Elise K Ackers, The Man Plan
Third Place: Laura Kaye, One Night with a Hero

Romantic Suspense
First Place: Marie Force, Fatal Deception
Second Place: Casey Clifford, An Island No More
Third Place: Radclyffe, Oath of Honor

First Place: Michelle Marcos, Lessons in Loving a Laird
Second Place: Heather Snow, Sweet Deception
Third Place: Margaret Mallory, The Warrior

Erotic Romance
First Place: Karen Stivali, Marry Me
Second Place: Elle Saint James, Unbridled and Unsaddled
Third Place: Lauren Gallagher, Who’s Your Daddy?

Futuristic; Fantasy; Paranormal or Time Travel
First Place: Cristy Gibson, Tangled Web
Second Place: Kaylea Cross, Darkest Caress
Third Place: Sara Humphreys, Untamed

Mainstream with Romantic Elements
First Place: Anna Lee Huber, The Anatomist’s Wife
Second Place: Mary Ellis, Living in Harmony
Third Place: Barbara Claypole White, The Unfinished Garden

Young Adult
First Place: Katie McGarry, Pushing the Limits
Second Place: ** Marissa Doyle, Courtship and Curses
Third Place: Chloe Jacobs, Greta and the Goblin King

2012 Bean Pot Finalists and Winners:

Short Contemporary
1st Place: **Barbara Wallace, The Heart of a Hero
2nd Place: Barbara White Daille, A Rancher’s Pride
3rd Place: Leigh Duncan, The Daddy Catch

1st Place: **Diane Amos, Promise Me Forever
2nd Place: Tina Gabrielle, In the Barrister’s Chambers
3rd Place: Ann Lethbridge, More Than a Mistress

Romantic Suspense
1st Place: ** Marie Force, Fatal Consequences
2nd Place: Kaylea Cross, Deadly Descent
3rd Place: Jannifer Hoffman, Edge of Daybreak

1st Place: L .A. Witt, The Closer You Get
2nd Place: Tina Donahue, Take Me Away
3rd Place: Elizabeth Amber, Bastian, The Lords of Satyr

Futuristic/Fantasy/Paranormal/Time Travel
1st Place: Lara Nance, Memories of Murder
2nd Place: Ann Hinnenkamp, Dyad Love
3rd Place: ** Karenna Colcroft, Salad on the Side

1st Place: Valerie Hansen, Nightwatch
2nd Place: Deeanne Gist, Love on the Line
3rd Place: Merrillee Whren, Hometown Dad

Mainstream with Romantic Elements
1st Place: Lisa Verge-Higgins, The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship
2nd Place: Kristen Painter, Blood Rights
3rd Place: Char Chaffin, Promises to Keep

1st Place: Dena de Paulo, Painted with Pleasure
2nd Place (tie): Kelli Scott, Drive-In and Kelli Scott, Stormy Wedding
3rd Place: ** Caroline Linden, I Love the Earl

Young Adult
1st Place: C. C. Hunter, Awake at Dawn
2nd Place: Jennifer Echols, Love Story
3rd Place: ** Shirley Ann Howard, Tales Out of the Psych Office

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