June 23 – Plotting with Panache

Boring beginnings?  Sagging middles?  Flat endings?

Both plotters and pantsers need well-structured stories.  Plotting with panache—confidence, flamboyance, courage—will cure what ails your story.  Learn the plotting secrets that keep readers turning pages and preventing reviewers from using deadly adjectives—boring, sagging, flat—to describe your masterpiece.

We will analyze the structure of JAWS (#1) and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Please view these movies if you haven’t seen them.

Patricia Grasso is the author of 18 historical romances that have won various awards: National Readers’ Choice Award, New England Readers’ Choice “the Beanpot”, Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice and KISS Awards, as well as B. Dalton and Bookrak Awards for bestselling first-time author.

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