NECRWA 2020 feat Joanna Shupe, Zoraida Cordova, and Farrah Rochon April 24-25 Woburn MA

2020 NECRWA Conference Workshops

2020 Master Class with Farrah Rochon

Stay tuned for more information about this year's Master Class with award-winning, USA TODAY bestselling author Farrah Rochon


See below for a list of 2019's workshops and check back here for updates on workshop submissions.

Business Workshops

Making the Library Your Fan(girl*) Frannie Strober Cassano

The Marketing Audit Kilby Blades

Pulling Back the Curtain on Indie Publishing & Marketing Cecelia Mecca and Shayne Silvers

Expanding Your Reach: A Q&A with Bookbub Julianne LaBrecque, Audrey Derobert and Cleo Harrington

How to Be a Badass Book Busker Satin Russell

Scaling Your Marketing Program: A Method for Authors Who are Doing Well but Could Be Doing Better Kilby Blades

Social Media Sidekick: Creating 24 Days of Content in 24 Hours Katana Collins

Boost Your Bottom Line (and Develop Your Chops) with Ghostwriting Kate George

Hiring a Little Help: The Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Assistants Suzanne Krohn

Econ 101 of E-Book Pricing Alisha R. Bloom, Esq

Automate Your Reader Base: How to Create Successful Auto-Sequence Emails Lisa Mondello

Multi-Author Projects: Herding Cats 101 Terri Brisbin

Real Talk About Money L.A. Witt, Jeannie Lin, Sionna Fox, Jeanette Grey

Agent and Editor Q&A Kiana Nguyen, Courtney Miller-Callihan, Tara Gelsomino, Madeleine Colavita, Esi Sogah, and Cat Clyne

Craft Workshops

The Art of Taboo Sierra Simone

Plotting without Panic Anna Zabo

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary - Worldbuilding without Magic or Monsters Jeannie Lin

Domestic Violence In Romance: Write the Story Survivors Deserve Adriana Herrera

Lightning Round: Write Now, Edit Later – Fast-drafting 101 Xio Axelrod

Poly Doesn't Mean One: Writing Menage/Polyamory L.A. Witt, Anna Zabo, Greg Tremblay

Theme: Enhancing and Deepening Your Story Jeannie Lin

Medicine, Manuscripts, and Mayhem Jillian David

21st Century Dating: How People Meet, Date, and Mate in the Digital Age Kate Forest

How to Incorporate Literary References Without Sounding Like a Pretentious Ass Amanda Gardner

Centering the Female Perspective and Experience: Lessons from the Visual Arts London Setterby

Character Closets: Wardrobe as a Character Development Tool Devon Ellington

A Crash Course on Writing Queer L.A. Witt, Anna Zabo, Damon Suede, Adriana Herrera

Killer Clichés: Insider Tips on Escaping the Slush Pile Cat Clyne and Courtney Miller-Callihan

Writers' Life Workshops

Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle Emily Nagoski

Retell Your Story: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Writer's Block and Life's Other Challenges Sionna Fox

Goal-setting For The Chronically Disappointed Writer Jeanette Grey

Everything, All the Time: Simple Self-Care for Authors Andie J. Christopher

Get Unstuck(er): A Seasoned Creative’s Guide to Recalibrating the Creative Brain Alexandra Haughton and Laura von Holt

We Promise We Don't Bite: A Special Session for NECRWA Conference Newbies Sionna Fox, Jennifer Hallock and Judith Arnold