NECRWA 2020 feat Joanna Shupe, Zoraida Cordova, and Farrah Rochon April 24-25 Woburn MA

2020 NECRWA Conference Workshops

2020 Master Class with Farrah Rochon

Stay tuned for more information about this year's Master Class with award-winning, USA TODAY bestselling author Farrah Rochon


NECRWA 2020 Workshops

Business Workshops

Brand Land: What is Author Brand and Activating on Social Media, Carol Van Den Hende and Sourabh Sharma

To Pen or Not To Pen (Name), Elizabeth Cole

Can-Do Canva, Jennifer Hallock

The Frugal Indie: Self-Publishing Without Burning Out or Going Broke, L.A. Witt

How to Kill it on Social Media as an Introvert, Nana Malone

Real Talk About Money, Panel TBA

Writing F/F, Panel TBA

Newsletter Ninja, Tammi Labrecque

The Power Of Niche: How To Collaborate To Stand Out In a Crowd, TB Markinson

Agent and Editor Panel, Linda Camacho, Stephanie Doig, Tara Gelsomino, Devin Ross

Agent and Editor Office Hours, Linda Camacho, Stephanie Doig, Tara Gelsomino, Devin Ross

A Session with BookBub, TBA

Craft Workshops

Sexual Violence in Romance: Consent, Healing and the Path to HEA, Adriana Herrera

A Tasting Menu of History, Caroline Linden and RedHeadedGirl

Write Hotter Sex: The Limitless Possibilities of Power Exchange, Elia Winters

Spreadsheets, Wordcounts, Goals and Plotting, Ella Drake

Jung at Heart: Using Concepts from Personality Psychology to Create Real and Vivid Characters, Farah Heron

Words Make the World: Prose as Setting, Felicia Davin

Pack Your Bags: Using Travel to Enhance Your Writing, Hudson Lin

Size Does Matter: Crafting Fantastic Fiction At Any Length, Jeanette Grey

Everything Obstetric: Delivering Your Book Baby, Jillian David

More Than a Number: Writing About Self-Acceptance and Eating Disorders in Romance, Panel TBA

Make Your Heroine Come: How to Write “Cliterate” Sex Scenes and Why They Matter, Karelia Stetz-Waters

Making Feedback Work, KD Fisher

Critical Lens: Understanding Beyond Your Lived Experience, LaQuette

"Strong" Heroines in Romance, Panel TBA

A Steady Hand on the Wheel: Simple Self-Editing Strategies to Build Reader Trust, Rose Lerner

So You Want To Build A Time Machine, Rose Lerner

Writers' Life Workshops

Organize your Work with Digital Apps, Ginny Frost

Goal-setting For The Chronically Disappointed Writer, Jeanette Grey

So... You Have a Deadline!, JN Welsh

Becoming a Weeble(r): Cultivating Resilience to Get Through Tough Times, Katy Cooper

You'll Always Remember Your First: A Session for Conference Newbies, Sionna Fox and Jennifer Hallock

More Than a Side Hustle: Writing Books While Working, Chelsea M. Cameron

Session Details and Schedule Will Be Posted Closer to Conference.

We look forward to seeing everyone in April! If you have any questions, please reach out to our workshop chair, Tamsen Parker at [email protected]