2019 NECRWA Conference Workshops

Damon Suede author photo

2019 Master Class with Damon Suede

Funny Bones: The Structure of Comedy

Being funny is a serious business. Even in the darkest books a dash of humor can make your scenes sizzle because audiences love to laugh. Careful comic plotting and characterization can turn “meh” into mesmerizing. Defy gravity! We’ll tackle the ins-n-outs of making folks smile with tips and tricks that will help you find the rib ticklers underneath your romance.

Business Workshops

Making the Library Your Fan(girl*) Frannie Strober Cassano

The Marketing Audit and Scaling Your Marketing Program: A Method for Authors Who are Doing Well but Could Be Doing Better Kilby Blades

Pulling Back the Curtain on Indie Publishing & Marketing Cecelia Mecca and Shayne Silvers

Expanding Your Reach: A Q&A with Bookbub Carlyn Robertson and Julianne LaBrecque

How to Be a Badass Book Busker Satin Russell

Social Media Sidekick: Creating 24 Days of Content in 24 Hours Katana Collins

Boost Your Bottom Line (and Develop Your Chops) with Ghostwriting Kate George

Hiring a Little Help: The Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Assistants Suzanne Krohn

Econ 101 of E-Book Pricing Alisha R. Bloom, Esq

Automate Your Reader Base: How to Create Successful Auto-Sequence Emails Lisa Mondello

Multi-Author Projects: Herding Cats 101 Terri Brisbin

Real Talk About Money Panel Discussion TBD

Craft Workshops

The Art of Taboo Sierra Simone

Creating Rich and Memorable Characters Katy Regnery

Plotting without Panic Anna Zabo

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary - Worldbuilding without Magic or Monsters and Theme: Enhancing and Deepening Your Story Jeannie Lin

Domestic Violence In Romance: Write the Story Survivors Deserve Adriana Herrera

Fastdrafting Xio Axelrod

Poly Doesn't Mean One: Writing Menage/Polyamory L.A. Witt, Anna Zabo, Greg Tremblay

Medicine, Manuscripts, and Mayhem Jillian David

21st Century Dating: How People Meet, Date, and Mate in the Digital Age Kate Forest

How to Incorporate Literary References Without Sounding Like a Pretentious Ass Amanda Gardner

Centering the Female Perspective and Experience: Lessons from the Visual Arts London Setterby

Character Closets: Wardrobe as a Character Development Tool Devon Ellington

A Crash Course on Writing Queer L.A. Witt, Anna Zabo, Damon Suede, Adriana Herrera

Writers' Life Workshops

Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle Emily Nagoski

Retell Your Story: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Writer's Block and Life's Other Challenges Sionna Fox

Goal-setting For The Chronically Disappointed Writer Jeanette Grey

Everything, All the Time: Simple Self-Care for Authors Andie J. Christopher

Get Unstuck(er): A Seasoned Creative’s Guide to Recalibrating the Creative Brain Alexandra Haughton and Laura von Holt

We Promise We Don't Bite: A Special Session for NECRWA Conference Newbies Panel TBA