Conference Workshops


Beverly Jenkins author photoA master class in World-Building for American Settings will be given by Beverly Jenkins on Friday, April 27. More details to come!


Business Workshops

Ack! Your Publisher Is Closing! Now What?
Amy Jo Cousins and Karen Stivali

Sell Your Book in 3 Pages: How to Write Gripping Synopses
Julia Kelly

How to Pitch Your Book to Hook Readers
Megan Erickson

Thirty Marketing Hacks in Fifty Minutes
Sarina Bowen

Beyond the ‘Zon: Breaking Out and Building a Diverse Income Stream
Alexis Anne

Designing Your Book's HEA: Real Talk About Covers and the Author-Designer Relationship
Alexandra Haughton

Namrata Patel

Namrata Patel

How to Maintain a Brand While Writing Across Subgenres... Or Not
Megan Erickson, Kristen Strassel, Julia Kelly

Secrets from the Author Coaching Business
Shari Slade

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Agent-Author Relationship But Were Afraid to Ask
Panel with Courtney Miller-Callihan and authors

What's Next for Kink
Cecilia Tan, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Sionna Fox, and Tamsen Parker

Bloggers Don't Bite
Jennifer Porter RNN, Jen Twimom, Elisabeth Lane, Redheaded Girl, Suzanne Krohn

Agents & Editors Panel
Agents Nalini Akolekar, Lane Heymont, and Courtney Miller-Callihan and editors Kerri Buckley, Cat Clyne, and Tiffany Shelton

Craft Workshops

Beyond M/M: Writing All the Colors of the LGBTQ Rainbow
Amy Jo Cousins, Liz Jacobs, Rain Merton, Roan Parrish

Titles, Customs, and Manners of the Regency
Ella Quinn

Mastering the Meet Cute
J. Leigh Bailey

Real, Representative and Responsible: Using Intersectionality to Build More Nuanced Fictional Characters
Jess Vonn

Scene Stealing Secondary Characters
Karen Stivali

Bangin’ Hot Betas
Karen Stivali

Big Picture Revising
Kate McMurray

Beyond the Snark: How to Use Character, Theme, and Voice to Elevate Your Young Adult Novel
Meg Kassel

Big Love: Fat Representation in Romance
Olivia Dade

Breeches, Banquets, and Balls: Living Your Heroines’ History
RedHeaded Girl of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books & Jennifer Hallock

Making Consent Sexy: Creating a Trigger-free Love Story
Stacey Agdern, Adriana Anders, AJ Cousins, Robin Covington, Andie J. Christopher, Stacey Donovan, Tamsen Parker

Lather Up: What Soaps Can Teach You About Romance Writing
Suleikha Snyder

Getting Sweaty and Sexy: Why We Love Sports Romance
Tamsen Parker, Jen Doyle, Stephanie Kay, Kristen Strassel, Sarina Bowen

Your MFA in Fanfiction: How Playing in Someone Else's Sandbox Can Hone Your Craft
Courtney Miller-Callihan

Research Like a PhD: How to Make Your Books Come Alive with Plausibility
Rain Merton

Negotiate Your Way To An HEA: Intensify Your Novel's Conflict Using Negotiation Archetypes
Alisha R. Bloom, Esq.

Writer Life Workshops

Don’t Be Scared of Your First Time: A Special Session for NECRWA Conference Newbies
Shari Slade, Barbara Wallace, Kristen Strassel

Recalibrating the Creative Brain
Alexandra Haughton and Laura von Holt

Writers and Mental Health
Shari Slade